How to know if you are visualizing correctly

Visualization is a tricky thing. At least for me. Seems I’ve had an active and vivid imagination since I was a kid sitting on the bus looking out the window imagining scenes in my mind. But the process of making pictures alone doesn’t change anything about you. It’s almost exactly like watching tv. You can watch 100 different shows and not change at all.

The image you make has to be felt.

The purpose of visualization is to feel different.

The only reason we use ‘visualization’ is because our visual sense is our most dominant sense. But the purpose of visualizing is to achieve a different feeling, and even more specifically, to achieve a different feeling about ourselves.

We can know if we are visualizing correctly if at the end of our visualization we are feeling better about ourselves, and feeling inspired to take action towards our goals.

If you are visualizing correctly, it should be something you enjoy doing. Not something you have to push yourself to do.