I grew up on a beautiful acreage just outside of Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. Our acreage was full of trees which I had fun exploring.
I’ve always been a creative person, inventive, with a talent for drawing.

Around the age of 16 I stumbled upon a book called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Since I didn’t like reading I just flipped to a random page and started reading and it hooked me instantly! It had a significant impact on me since it showed me a new perspective on money, business, and life. The primary question in my life at that point was “How do I create assets?”. or “How do I use my talents to give value to people?”. It got me thinking, planning, and doing creative projects.
I knew that entrepreneurship was the way to go, and still is. Have something you love to do, and work towards making it a business. It also requires a lot of learning. It’s a long journey but somewhere near the end you just become a super-soldier of business and life. It’s like any idea that comes into your mind you can make happen. You can do anything you want! And you can help other people do whatever they want as well. It’s challenging, but I like challenges and doing things differently. Having freedom. Self reliance. The will to bet on yourself. All that good stuff!

I remember reading a book by T Harv Eker around the age of 17, and in it was the quote which had a big impact on me “If you are unsuccessful, then there’s something you don’t know.”

Well I guess that means I’m still unsuccessful because I’ve been studying ever since! Somehow the kid in school who wouldn’t pick up a book to read was now devouring through 100’s.
But I wouldn’t call myself unsuccessful. ‘Success’ as Earl Nightingale puts it is the pursuit of a worthy ideal. If you know what you want and are moving toward it, you are successful. And I always have something I’m working towards.

In truth you should always be learning. There is always something more to do, be, or have.

Naturally, I love studying entrepreneurship, business, marketing, psychology, law of attraction, and any success philosophy. When I come across good information on my journey, I’ll pass it to you here on my blog!