Visualization is -the- most important skill you will ever develop.

What is visualization in a nutshell?
It is the ability to program your subconscious mind to produce the results you want in life.

Why is it so important?
Without a specific direction in life, you will go in circles and go nowhere.
If you want to grow, become greater, give more, do more, then visualization is your ticket to get there.

How do you visualize?
Think in terms of end results. What end results do you want? Picture it in your mind. Feel it as a present reality. That’s it. Really. Sounds simple. But It’s easy to overthink it, fail to feel it, or fail to use it if we take our minds for granted.

If you are doing it right. You will be able to program your conscious and subconscious mind to move towards your desired end result. Your life will be full of happiness, gratitude, adventure, abundance, love, and everything else that makes life rich and worth living.