Mannequin Apps Launching

Been working hard to finish this series of apps. Lots more to come! Currently featuring a collection of animals.

Adjustable 3D models for Artists

Learn how to draw any 3d model in any pose you want.
Poseable models for drawing.

  • Use animations to help get the pose you want.
  • Select individual ‘bones’ to adjust angle and position.
  • Adjust camera zoom, distance, field of view.
  • Choose your skin coloration, background, and platform style.
  • Adjust 4 lights including angle, color, and brightness.
  • Display a grid to help with drawing in proportion.

Free to try!

In-app-purchase to unlock skins and more animations.

Great for artists of any level!



3D Mannequin apps

I’m in the process of re-branding 3d drawing apps to 3d mannequins. It will be a more descriptive name of what the apps are for.
The re-branding process is slow. When I uploaded my first 3d Mannequins app to Google Play it immediately got flagged as a duplicate. So I will probably have to unpublish all my 3D Drawing Apps in order to re-upload them to 3D Mannequins. It will take a lot of time to transfer everything, but in the end it’s better for the end user.

All these apps will be free to download, however to unlock full features there is in app purchases.

There is also a planned subscription offer, if you buy one subscription and gain access to a list of apps. I still have to test this to make sure it works.


How to know if you are visualizing correctly

Visualization is a tricky thing. At least for me. Seems I’ve had an active and vivid imagination since I was a kid sitting on the bus looking out the window imagining scenes in my mind. But the process of making pictures alone doesn’t change anything about you. It’s almost exactly like watching tv. You can watch 100 different shows and not change at all.

The image you make has to be felt.

The purpose of visualization is to feel different.

The only reason we use ‘visualization’ is because our visual sense is our most dominant sense. But the purpose of visualizing is to achieve a different feeling, and even more specifically, to achieve a different feeling about ourselves.

We can know if we are visualizing correctly if at the end of our visualization we are feeling better about ourselves, and feeling inspired to take action towards our goals.

If you are visualizing correctly, it should be something you enjoy doing. Not something you have to push yourself to do.


Drawing Apps are coming!

I’ve recently posted some drawing apps I’ve created using Unity. These apps are essentially a digital version of mannequins that artists use to draw human figures in the right proportions and such. The model is fully adjustable, as well as camera angles, it also includes animated models so that you can easily find a pose you like. My main focus is drawing animals though.

My first idea was to capitalize on the ‘draw *blank*’ keyword. For example, Draw Cats. then put the ‘3D’ on the end. Draw Cats 3D. It makes sense once you understand what the app is, but if you don’t know, its just another drawing app with no differentiation. Lost in the mix.

I’m not sure if this is the right way to go. Perhaps a rebrand is in order. I’m thinking the name should include ‘Mannequin’. Though I’m not a fan of the word, it’s kind of old school. I snapped up anyway so maybe it’s the right way to go.

While the keyword is not that popular, I still think a lot of people would find it useful. I know I would use it for creating a reference picture for an art piece. It just needs a good kick-off I think.

What I’m currently doing is reprogramming my base code in Unity so that I can EASILY change anything about the app in one text file. This will make it super easy to produce lots of apps in a short amount of time.


Visualization – An Introduction

Visualization is one of the most important skills you can learn in life.
It’s essentially your way of communicating with the subconscious mind, universal mind, or God.

It’s a simple subject. But very powerful and easy to misuse or fail to use correctly.

I plan on giving my insights on the subject, through a variety of posts.

Hopefully I can convince people who aren’t visualizing to begin.
And perhaps help people who are visualizing to use it in a more effective way.




Digital Image:

“Clashing” by Clayton Kashuba
Size: 42″ x 36″
Original: SOLD

High Resolution Digital Image:
Size: 7019 x 6052
Price: 10$

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“Center” by Clayton Kashuba
54″ x 36″
Original: $1500 + shipping

High Resolution Digital Image
Size: 6968 x 4647
Price: 10$

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“Flow” by Clayton Kashuba
40″ x 30″
Original: $1500 + shipping

High Resolution Digital Image
Image Size: 6961 x 5206
Price: 10$

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